Our Offering

Our Offering To Financial Advisors

Masthead Financial Planning looks to provide security, protection, peace of mind and helps reduce the hassle-factor by addressing the key concerns or challenges independent financial advisors face in the market.

The value proposition has been carefully constructed to provide financial advisors with a viable alternative to their current position. There are five parts to the value proposition.


We’ll assist you:

  • We offer a wide choice of approved product provider offerings for your clients.

Business support:

We’ll assist you:

  • We assist you to use technology effectively.
  • We assist with client management and data mining.

You enjoy the backing of our national infrastructure and the established Masthead brand.

Risk management:

We do:

  • We do company and product due diligences, and provide product information as well as guidance on the suitability of product types.
  • We support internationally tested advice processes.
  • We provide experienced and trusted compliance support.
  • We provide group professional indemnity cover for you.

Opportunity to share in cost savings:

We’ll assist you:

  • Benefit from direct cost savings (such as PI cover, FSB licence fees, Network fees and Customer Relationship Management software).

Build value for succession:

We’ll assist you:

  • With retaining customers (and therefore revenue.)
  • To grow and maximize the capital value of your revenue.
  • With a facilitated buy and sell option at the time of exit.